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Jan Whitaker
Our President 2020-2021

I moved to Suffolk with my husband some 15 years ago now.   Our daughter, who is also a member of Woodbridge Inner Wheel, lives in Otley with her husband.  Our son and his wife, soon to return from Brunei, live in Scotland. We have two grandsons.

I had the privilege of being President of Woodbridge Inner Wheel in 2012/13 and now begin a second term of office.

It is going to be a very different year from before and quite challenging but I am confident that our members will do their best to continue to  raise money for local charities and enjoy the friendship of our social gatherings as soon as it is possible.

The Charity I have chosen for my year is The Blood Runners.  This is a charity of volunteers urgently transporting blood products, donated breastmilk, and patient samples every day, night, weekend and public holidays, including Christmas Day, using motor bikes. Their mission is to provide a free out of hours medical transportation service to the NHS.

Our President