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    Meet at Ufford Park Hotel monthly


Hi from your Club mascot. I am here to support and encourage you!

I will accompany you for FREE to any Inner Wheel meetings or events; as long as I get my photo taken to prove I was there helping you.

BUT I would also like to accompany you (singly or in a group) on other outings. I am afraid this will cost you £1 though (this is what my red moneybox is for) and I would also like a photo taken for my Web page to prove where I have been. I very much like Suffolk and enjoyed my walk along the River Orwell but I would also for £1 like to go further afield; even abroad! The money raised will help pay for my & your Web site.

When I am not on Inner Wheel business or away on a trip, I will be residing with the President so please contact her if you have somewhere for me to go. I am looking forward to seeing all of Suffolk and beyond and wondering how far I will go & what sites I will visit. I hope to fill my Web page with photos from all my trips!

Awaiting your call!!

PS. I do prefer pictures with a long side of at least 400 pixels!

This email was received from the daughter of the origial Baxterbear's owner:

"My name is Daisy Tate, I was delighted to see your wonderful website of my father's mascot Baxterbear. As I'm sure you know the story my father was the pilot in WW11 who was shot down and hung from a tree for 5 days in Burma - luckily they were found by the Gurkas and travelled a further 4 days to a Red Cross Ambulance. My father had major head and back injuries - I'm happy to say he survived and his Mascot Baxterbear was washed and patched up by the nurses. My father was moved to Kenya where we were brought up. In memory of my late folks, Baxterbear has his debut at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2009 and for the past 3 years as a charity bear raising funds. The Rotary and Inner Wheel are close to my heart and I thank you for making a difference with him. BaxterbearTreekled is his Twitter name and we have many Rotary followers."


Baxterbear on a French Chateaux visit
Baxterbear looking forward to a Champagne cellar visit
Baxterbear and the Moneybox
Baxterbear by the River Orwell on 12 Feb 2012
Baxterbear lends his support to Quiz master Deirdre Griffin at the Woodbridge Inner Wheel Club quiz on 9th March.
Baxterbear at Woodbridge Rotary Club's evening meeting on 22nd March where Debbie Logan gave her talk about CCIS
Baxterbear visits Joan Hutchinson who is staying in the Coniston Care Home in Felixstowe
Baxterbear enjoying a golfing holiday in Turkey in February
Baxterbear on a foreign holiday, enjoying the sights of Lake Geneva in Evian, together with Cath Hamilton.
No, Baxterbear is not on safari but watching guests at the Cheese and wine party on 3rd May!
Baxterbear's turn to eat and drink now! The end of a successful Cheese and Wine Party.
Baxterbear relaxing after dinner on Ian and Catherine Beaumont's bed at Otley Hall
Baxterbear in front of St. Michael's Mount.
Baxterbear at the Tresco Gardens, Isles of Scilly
Baxterbear at St. Mary's harbour, Isles of Scilly
Baxterbear at the Eden Project, Cornwall
Baxterbear at REPoD
Baxterbear relaxing at sea (aka bored in Roscoff)
Baxterbear in Benidorm (can't "bear" to look)
At last... Enjoying the sun at the Alhambra
Baxterbear about to embark on the Cancer Charity Campaign Orwell Walk
Members of our club about to start the Cancer Campaign in Suffolk walk
Baxterbear on holiday again!